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    RIP Goby

    Sigh, I lost another goby. But this one, unlike the previous three, I have no idea why. I special ordered this sand sifter because they are so good at keeping a fine sand bed pearly white, it was happy and healthy before I brought it home from the store and has been in my tank almost one month. There are no obvious signs of disease that I can see, blemishes, fungus, white spots, discoloration etc. The fins are a little ragged here and there but not chewed on or as torn as you'd expect if he were being picked on by other fish. At four inches he could hold his own and there are only three other fish in the 60 gallon tank. I witnessed some territory behaviour but after the first week or so everyone seemed to get along. Yellow tang, ornate wrasse and a valentini puffer. It's out of the tank and in a jar now, colour is good, belly doesn't look like its caved in and even last night he was eating frozen shrimp as well as tending to the sand bed. I'll test my water again but was OK last week. Salinity 1.027, no ammonia, nitrates, phosphate. Calcium and Mg within range. Really? Am I just cursed with this breed? I even built a new lid to keep it from jumping out - at least that part worked this time. Anything else should I be considering or looking for?
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    Very mysterious. I have the same bad-luck, but with Dwarf Angels. Gobies tend to be very hardy so probably anyone's guess why it died. From the photos, it looks a little emaciated. Keep in mind that its appearance in the jar will be deceiving due to post-mortem artefacts. While your water parameters look good, you may want to validate the kits/instruments you're using. Fish in the system will get used to and adjust to drifting water parameters. New comers, however, can get very stressed and eventually die over period of time (days to weeks) depending on the situation. This has happened to me. After much head scratching I would finally realize one of my test was completely off. Of course, there is the source and possible collection methods, some very dubious, use to capture fish. This is an on-going issue with the hobby that's difficult to reconcile. Nonetheless, you wouldn't think it would responsible for poor outcomes repeatedly for the same type of fish. For sure it can be a frustrating hobby!

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