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    What are peoples views on acrylic tanks? Would you get one? If yes why; if no why? The idea piques my curiosity and would be interested in other's experiences.

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    Light, good for mobility, strong and high tensile, very transparent, easy to drill, can be nearly any shape, easy to scratch inside and out (new polishing kits available but I am not familiar first hand), very difficult to remove algae's everyday especially calcareous without damage, some organisms in tank will damage surface ie, pencil urchin and other boring urchins.
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    Interesting. The algae issue is a big concern. I knew a guy who found good success with certain types of pads ("Dobbie" scrubber comes to mind), but I suspect after around 5 or so years, the constant cleaning would be evident.

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    Re: Acrylic Tanks

    You look at them funny and they will scratch

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    I've had one for over 10 years - bow front corner. Wonderful tank cleaned well weekly and maintained still bright and clear and have no problem using acrylic safe cleaning pads on it....just don't use glass cleaning pads or you'll be buffing scratches out. Lighter than same size glass. Just put a new acrulic sump in and wouldn't do anything else as it is so easy to drill and plumb.


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