As some may know from the for sale thread regarding the Domino Damsel, I visited Colquitz Middle School to meet with the teachers running the various aquarium projects around the school. This is an amazing initiative! For starters, just about every classroom has an aquarium of some sort that is used a teach kids about aquariums, fish and biology. The kids looks after the various tanks which gives them hands on experience, with the help and guidance from teachers, looking after the fish and systems. Of particular interest is a large reef tank display outside the main office and a very neat stand-alone aquapoincs systems the grows various plants using the effluent water from another tank primarily stocked with African cichlids. I've attached a couple of photos of these two systems.

One of the great benefits to the program is that is has generated excitement about the hobby with around 30 students who are members of their aquarium club - each of which maintains a fish tank at home. Having reached out to the school, I've encouraged the teachers to contact the club, either at one of our meetings or through the forum if they are looking for advice or information.

However, the program has little by way of operating funds - so I'm starting a wish list of items that the program is looking for. See the thread in the wanted section for more information. I hope to do some more work with the program and will be planning another visit to the school in the not too distant future. If you're interested in coming along for one of these trips send me a pm. I will update this post as this collaboration develops.

Stay tuned!