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    I have a 33 gallon tank with 3 Julii Cory's, 1 3inch(ish) pleco, 2 German Blue Rams, 6 neon tetras, Platy's (probably 10 plus as they've apparently bred).
    My question is am I feeding them all correctly?
    I feed Omega One flakes in small doses 2-3 times a day.
    Omega One Shrimp Pellets (I put in about 3-4) twice a day; once after the light comes on and once after it's out.
    And I have those Hikari Alage wafers that I drop one whole one in at night for the pleco. (we have a routine and he knows when it's coming, he waits.) I have yet to try sunken spinach or zucchini chunks for him)

    Is this a good enough diet for all tank members? Or should I be doing something differently?? Any suggestions?

    Also as a behavior side note, the Ram's (and sometimes Platy's) seem more interested in the shrimp pellets than the Cory's...(I've seen one Cory nibble for a few seconds then move on...) and i've noticed that if i feed my pleco too soon after the lights are out the other fish- all of them, will go for it quite quickly.

    (I have so many questions I have to restrain myself from flooding the categories! :)

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    I would say that your feeding to much. I only feed my fish once a day as much as they will eat in a few min.
    The exceptions to this would be the pellets and algae wafer... and for a pleco that size I would be feeding half a wafer.

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    Okay thank you.

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