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Thread: looking for plexie glass

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    looking for plexie glass

    Well my ato lifter crapped out they don't seem to last me more than 6 months so it is time to fast track my 90g build want to build a very custom sump for it out of plexe glass . Just wondering where people get there plexe glass from . The sump is going to be 5 or 6 chambers main tank inlet / filter socks / refug / skimmer / return and maybe and ATO chamber sump foot print is around 30" x 30"

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    Re: looking for plexie glass

    well, I usually go to Industrial Plastic, but I find them expensive, and poor service, especially since they moved to cloverdale. There used to be a spot out just off of Keating X Road, but I am not sure they are still in business, he was much better service and price.

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    Re: looking for plexie glass

    plexi klass bay st indy park beside a beetle shop if i remember correctly.. great.. i mean amazing service..
    Found a big spoon to stir with...

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