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Thread: Active killi breeders in Victoria

  1. Active killi breeders in Victoria

    I have just moved back to Victoria from Vancouver, and am wondering if there are any active Killi breeders here. I am primarily looking for some yellow Australe females to add to my breeding stock.


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    Re: Active killi breeders in Victoria

    there was a guy whos heavily into it around the city but hes been MIA for .. i think around 2 years..

    some times it helps to bump a post every couple days so you dont go un noticed :) ive noticed the "todays posts" tab speratically does not work well..

    sorry i couldn't be more helpful

    a place worth asking would be IPZ in duncan.. as i have seen some in there time to time
    Found a big spoon to stir with...

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    Re: Active killi breeders in Victoria

    That would be Kerry Williams. He founded the Killi Club in Vancouver. You can look here to see what he's been breeding....

    His site user name is Bettadahl. I may be able to get an email to him...not sure.

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