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    BN Pelco

    My BN Pleco pair have spawned 15 days ago & currently there are approx 44 fry so i'm going to be looking for some homes for them.
    If anyone is interested let me know.thnx Gg

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    Re: BN Pelco

    Cool! can we see some pics?
    Found a big spoon to stir with...

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    Re: BN Pelco

    11 days old & this is their 1st Zucchini dropped it in & about 40 mins later it created quite a stir,many scooting around enjoying the new scent.

    the weights are my own creation from SS wire,simply wind a small coil on 1 end & then wind a flat coil around the smaller coil that way the food sits flat on the bottom every time however these lil guys are small enough they can fit in the gap under neath.the ends are sanded smooth & the large coil end is butted into the next coil in.

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    Re: BN Pelco

    What kind are they?

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    Re: BN Pelco

    dont know for sure guessing silver tip?
    got 3, 2 males 1 female @ the TGVAS auction of 2016, so perhaps the member whom supplied them @ the auction will verify?

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    Re: BN Pelco

    No interest?
    they are about 1.5 inchs now may have 30+ left
    I removed about 8 that had orange bands on bodies (maybe more?remaing) i wanted to grow those out a lil more to see what color they ended up to be.
    they really need to go soon,sadly I allowed another clutch to hatch in wifes tank 15+ so I have way to many.
    Thnx Ray

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