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  1. Automatic Fish Feeders

    Any recommendations, advice/experience using these? Considering getting one for dry food. The Eheim unit came to mind:

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    Re: Automatic Fish Feeders

    I have used a few of these, they work well for dry food.
    Sequence for advancing feed chamber important.
    Does it have seperate compartments for different food types.
    How does it advance, hourly, daily etc.
    How much does it hold to calculate duration of feeding doses.
    If food floats and you have an overflow they are not condusive. You will need a floating ring or some contraption to contain the food until it sinks.
    How does it attach to the side of the tank or does it sit on top?
    Lots to mull over.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

  3. Re: Automatic Fish Feeders

    Thanks Ian, that's some food for thought. Might get one and play around with it. The plan is to use it for dry food. I have some ON Pellets that the fish go for, but it kinda floats/kinda sinks. The tanks use standpipes, but am working a banjo filter (with overflow protection) conversion. Hadn't thought about that with respect to using a floating ring.

  4. Re: Automatic Fish Feeders

    I should add that if anyone has a unit they want to sell or lend me for try out for a while, send me a PM.

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