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  1. Ecotech Vortech Battery Back Up


    Any thoughts on how long these batteries last? We had a power outage yesterday and my pumps didn't come on via the battery back up. The unit it at least 4+ years old. However, I did buy it used from someone to replace and even older unit. I kept the older unit, which has been in storage, and charging it today to see what happens. Any idea on how the battery can be tested to see if it's functioning properly? Only idea I have on this is to bench test it with an old pump/controller.

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    EchoTech Battery Backup

    Backup Operation Time


    1 UNIT 2 UNITS

    MP10 72 36

    MP40 36 18

    MP60 20 10
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    Thanks Ian,

    I am after how long the batteries will last, not how long they will keep the pumps going. During the power outage, the pumps did not fire up at all. Suggests to me the batteries are either: 1) not recharging; 2) not holding a charge; 3) have some sort of incompatibility with running from wireless instructions from the Apex unit. I'm not sure this last option, is even an option, but do recall the system seemed to work before I went to wireless control.

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    your apex needs to be on a battery backup for it to tell the pumps what to do..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newtious View Post
    your apex needs to be on a battery backup for it to tell the pumps what to do..
    I don't think this is how the system works. The Apex model controls the pumps via a wireless radio connection. Power to the pumps comes from the battery which in turn is plugged into a wall outlet. If the power goes out, Apex goes down but the pumps stay on, drawing current from the battery. When this happens they revert to a default setting that has them running at a constant 50% of max speed. Once the power is restored, the pumps draw power directly from the outlet (battery bypass?) and the Apex re-pairs with them and takes over control. This system has worked well in the past. The question is when does the back-up battery lose it's ability to re-charge? I have two batteries but both are relatively old. When I have a moment I will bench test both with a spare pump. If I had to guess, I would say these batteries are good for about 5 years (mine are older) before they fail (stop charging or lose their ability to charge).

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