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Thread: Mysterious egg-like mass

  1. Mysterious egg-like mass

    Any thoughts on what this might be?





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    Re: Mysterious egg-like mass

    no idea.. looks cool!
    Found a big spoon to stir with...

  3. Re: Mysterious egg-like mass

    Well, the next day they had vanished. The only fish in the tank is a Bangaii Cardinal. My only guess at this time is that is a female and she dumped some eggs and then ate them? I have another in quarantine that I will move in with it soon. Hoping it's a male and they get along!

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    Re: Mysterious egg-like mass

    Looks like Bangaii eggs to me
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    Wow. Great shot! So, I obviously have a female! Will have to have a close at her jaw and then compare it to the one I have in Q.

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