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Thread: Is my Dragonet a good weight?

  1. Is my Dragonet a good weight?

    Hi, I just got a Dragonet yesterday (for my 75 Gallon aquarium that also has a 20 Gallon sump/refugium) and had a very hard time telling weather its stomach was round or not.
    My question is do you think it's a good weight?


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    Here's a few more pictures.

    A4087E73-9D18-4D23-94C9-4E622E66F865 by galaxy176, on Flickr31EB0B7D-B85E-4136-8AF7-61A135ADD45D by galaxy176, on Flickr

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    Very tough to tell - especially with these types of fishes. I've never had one before so I guess you just need to get a sense of pictures posted on-line. Probably the best thing you can to is spend some time observing it. Do you see it eating or actively foraging? Probably the best sign that it's not eating/healthy is when it stops behaving normally and starts to sit in a corner and losees interest in it's surroundings. I'm assuming your system has a relatively healthy/sustaining population of amphipods?

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    It pecks about once every 7 seconds. I see amphipods at night and there are some in my chaeto in the sump as well.

    Itís a 75 Gallon tank with 20 Gallon sump and has been set up for a little over a year with 7+ year old rock though has only been wrasse/fish free for almost 3 months. I do see itís belly and it is slightly shrunken in but hardly from what I can tell, it hasnít gotten smaller since Iíve had it and acted normal almost immediately after I added him.
    Blue World just got them in so Iím assuming itís normal because the shippers have to starve them before shipping.

    Iím trying to feed it everyday with dead refrigerated arctic pods. no luck yet, but eventually it should eat frozen/refrigerated food.

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    Sounds like you're on the right track.

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    Sounds good! He is eating well (only live pods) and seems pretty healthy.

    I can see a lot of baby pods on the glass where algae is just starting to grow and Iím just wondering if this would be a good way to keep track of the pod population to make sure I have enough pods. Would it work if I think about it like this? If I see the same amount of pods on the glass that means I have enough, and if I stop seeing them on the glass that means thereís a deficiency?

    Kind of a weird question but thought if this works it would be super convenient (and stress relieving).

    Thanks for your help!

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