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Thread: 2 adult Siamenses algae eaters looking for a new home...

  1. Thumbs up 2 adult Siamenses algae eaters looking for a new home...

    Hi all,

    I have 2 full grown Siamensis ( I need to re-home. They are in pristine health and are very happy fish,however, they’re around 5 (give or take) inches long each so they have outgrownmy planted 40 gallon community tank a bit. The tank they are in is full of cherryshrimp that are afraid to come out now that these guys are so big and theirappetites have grown a lot so sometimes they bully the smaller creatures forfood (opportunistic eaters). They tend to stick together and generally get alongquite well but they occasionally chase each other around the tank – which isentertaining to watch. They help a lot with the algae in my tank (even dreadedblack algae) and I’m sure they would continue to do so in their new home.

    The pet store on Bay/Blanshard has advised they will takethem in but I have had them since they were little fry (about 4 years) so I’mhoping to keep them together in another established planted tank (call meweird). I’ve attached a couple of pics (not of them because I am posting thisfrom work, however, they look identical to the pics). I can take some pics ofthem if there is a need. Hit me up with a message if you’re interested. Thanks! :)

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