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Thread: Coming to visit Victoria!!!!!

  1. Coming to visit Victoria!!!!!

    Hi all!!!

    I just joined the forum to get the best info on local Koi and pond and water garden places!! My husband and I own and operate a pond and water garden centre in Seagrave, Ontario. We are koi and pond fish breeders and work with another koi farm here in Ontario as well. I have heard all the sad news about Wayne Etherington!!! So tragic!! I was hoping to connect with someone associated with their business and would have loved to have seen their operation. The knowledge and experience they had would be great to access! I had no idea why they closed their business and when I found out it was heart wrenching to hear what the family went through!!!

    Can anyone direct me to some great Koi or fancy goldfish places?? I am also a huge aquatic plant enthusiast, waterlilies are one of my biggest plant passions!! I realize it is late in the ponding season and of course that is why we are able to travel as our business closes the end of October!!

    We will be in the Victoria area from October 30th to November 8th.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Laura :D

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    Re: Coming to visit Victoria!!!!!

    If you call H2O he might be able to give you a tour as they build aquariums on the same site.
    Creatures here in Victoria is your best bet for any thing aquatic.
    Good luck!

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