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Thread: 2 Part Epoxy for corals

  1. 2 Part Epoxy for corals

    Does anyone have any 2-part Epoxy (aka "Holdfast Epoxy Stick) they want to sell? Or know if any of the stores in town carry it? Looking for some of this on short notice (or a similar product):

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    Re: 2 Part Epoxy for corals

    says for use with potable water. wet/dry.

  3. Re: 2 Part Epoxy for corals

    Thanks for tracking this down. Turns out Creatures carries it - specifically branded for use in aquariums. Trick with "non-branded" glues and adhesives is knowing whether or not they contain additives that might be detrimental to your aquarium inhabitants. I would be interested to know if anyone has used this product in their aquarium without ill effect.

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