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Fish room by TKD

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Hi everyone,

On June 11th 2012, I had the worst possible senario happen to me in that I had to do an emergency shudown of my tanks from 18 to 7 (see following link)

So basicaly this blog will show the resurection of the fish/animal room.
Everyone's fish room will be different so if any of this info helps others great!

So this is what the room looked like before the flood:
Name:  Old 1.jpg
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Size:  76.8 KBName:  Old 2.jpg
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The shelving units that I had put the tanks on in the above pics were Gorilla. They were good and were able to support 500lb per shelf but I found them a bit wobbly and for the number of tanks I could put on them, rather expensive. Also, because the shelved were particle board they needed to be replaced with some plywood.

After the flood I had a bare room with cement floor so I was good to go.
I went and got an this:
It's by far the cheapest solution for what it can cary per shelf as well as the size. It can also be found at Costco.
Be warned thought that the actual shelf space is 6X2 and not an inch more!
I used some cheap 1/4 plywood to cover the shelves and next time I will go thicker as it does bow when you put a 30 gal on it.
Name:  Plywood gap.jpg
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I had to get all the tanks running before I was ready as I needed to get them out of the kitchen
Name:  Original planed tank positions.jpg
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Because of that, I need to mount the PVC and put all together with the tanks running with fish and shimp in them. It was a pain trying to avoid getting the PVC cleaner and joiner in the water. Be sure to use vinal gloves when putting the PVC together as it gets rather messy.
The PVC and related equiment I got from
Name:  PVC cleaner and cement.jpg
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Size:  74.1 KBName:  Vinal gloves.jpg
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I got Nickel Plated Brass Lever Air Valve from
They bill them selves as an fish room store and they really do deliver!
Name:  Nickel Plated Brass Lever Air Valve.jpg
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I used Thread lock to make sure that I would get a good seal, but I probably did not need it as the valves are self threading, you do need to drill the hole first though!

After that was I all done, I started to prep the sponge filters. Becuase they have an open center area, I put some large crushed coral peices in there to help to maintain the pH. The part that the airline attaches to is double sided so I used another air line tube to go inside the filter so that when the air would be blown in there the coral would be in constant motion.
Name:  Step 1 for crushed coral in Hydro sponge.jpg
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I'm using Coarse Hydro spoge #5 for all the fish tanks and regular Hydro spoge #5 for the shrimp as I was worried about small shrimp being sucked into the sponge. Now I don't belive this to be true, so in the future I will only using the coarse.

The air pump I got from Graeme and is more powerfull then what I need to run the 14 filters.
Antoine sugested that in the future it would be a good idea to add a ball valve at the end of the PVC as a release so that the air pump does not over heat like it was doing.
Name:  Central air pump.jpg
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For lighting I used these LEDs that I found on eBay.Name:  LED used.jpg
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They are Daylight 5 Watts each and they produce good visable light and I am growing Aubias and Java fern under them.
Name:  LED on tank.jpg
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To avoid long term humidity probems, I got creative and used some 17inch wide saran wrap to cover the tanks to help with possible humidity issues.
Name:  Tanks with seranrap.jpg
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I think this is more or less it for now. What I will do in the future is replace the saran with glass.

I would like to thank Eric M. for helping pick up the shelving unit and plywood as well as all the help he gave me durring the emergency shutdown and move.
Graeme for selling me the air pump and filters for a great price.
Brian, Graeme and Antoine on suggestions on to how to cool the pump down.

I'm not sure what else to add but if anyone has questions please feel free to ask.
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  1. Rondelet's Avatar
    Eric, this looks great. You should provide some detailed info on what's in each of the tanks!

    ..."Antoine sugested that in the future it would be a good idea to add a ball valve at the end of the PVC as a release so that the air pump does not over heat like it was doing."

    Eric, can you expand on this. Is the idea here to manually open the valve to control the pressure in the line or does it involve a pressure relief valve?
  2. TKD's Avatar
    Antoine sugested a simple manual relief valve, although I'm sure you could put in more on an advanced system.

    As for what's in each tank, lol I need to spread everyone out still. lol

    Eventually I guess.
  3. Rondelet's Avatar
    Eric, thanks. I found the link to Jehmco both interesting and helpful. What size are your Nickel Plated Brass Lever Air Valves?
  4. TKD's Avatar
    AV1 “Nickel Plated Brass Lever Air Valve 1/8 NPT x 3/16 barb”
    They are virtualy identical to the ones we have at Creatures.