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BAP - discus

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Well, I think I will try to start an experiment for logging points to the BAP. This was inspired by Jesse Tattoo and his success with breeding clowns, and I think this format may create more content for our site, as well as be more able to stir interest among our membership for this part of the club.

I have recently been successful with spawning discus (Symphysodon sp.) and I will call them S. aquefasciata, for the purposes of identification, although I think many of us realize these may be hybrids and the actual nomenclature of the genus is up in the air, depending on who you listen to. That is a matter for those smarter than me to figgur out.

These eggs were laid last night (25 April, 2011), and the parents seem to be looking after them well.
Ph is 6.2, temp = 83 F, conductivity is 17 microseimens (yes, checked it 2 x). (I have been using RO water, a newly acquired RO unit to supply my automatic water change system about2 months ago. Have added 'Equilibrium (Seachem)' and Taylored Aquatics 'Amazon Essentials' as per bottle directions occaisionally, but not religiously.

Will try to follow the development of the fry as they progress through the 60 day period as outlined in the BAP rules. Any details I think of will of course be added as they come up.

The tank is a 30 gallon, 18" x 18" x 18" (approx) cube tank, with only a sponge filter (Hydrosponge) for filtration.

The male is the orange colored pigeon blood, and the female is a nice full colored turq.

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So today, the eggs hatched, the parents are still looking after them, but there seem to a significant number less fry than eggs, and I did not notice a lot of bad eggs, but , as it goes...

The male seems to be most interested in looking after the fry, and the female looks to more interested in food, that is, until the flash starts to go off, then she is all over blocking the view and looking after the babies... as the sequence shows.

I will start lowering the water level so the fry have less volume to find the parents, and there are a couple things that a lower water level will keep them out of, for their own sakes. Also, start increase the conuctivity, specifically with Equilibrium, try for around 250 microsiemens or so, good for bones ...

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you can see the second last picture, where the female is in the way between my camera (the bad thing) and the eggs, this is not by accident, she went there as soon as the flash started going off, and was tough to move out of the way. I think I know why they have disc shaped bodies now, at least one reason may be to hide the spawn from predators or perceived threats. I guess another might be to increase surface area for fry grazing, I have noticed that usally, the fry will be clustered on the side of the parent which is NOT facing the front of the tank.

28 April 2011 - Day 3

the fry have been moved from the overflo tube to the sponge filter. Tough to get a picture as the parents are still positioning themselves between the camera and the fry, not so much when I look without the camera! I really think these little guys are helped a lot by the sponge filter (mature) as they seem to pick off it as much as the sides of the parents. The sponge filter needs to be mature so that it houses whatever microorganisms (rotifers?) the babies can eat. Right now, the babies are too small and still have their yolk sacks, but I think by tommorrow they will be flitting around, looking for something to paracitize.

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Well, May 2, 2011, and all the fry are gone, they seemed to be dwindling in numbers since hatching, and a couple made it to free swimming, but the parents lost interest in the spawn, so they did not go further. I will pick up this blog with the next spawn that gets this far.

The pair has raised two other spawns successfully, I don't know why they lost this one, but they do seem to have a few false starts in between successful ones, at least so far. Yesterday, I cleaned the tank, wiped the sides and bottom (no gravel) and did a large water change, replenishing the water level to normal. They spawned again last night (May 2, 2011) and my fingers are crossed for this spawn. I will try to check the conductivity, maybe a clue there.
As far as starting a new blog for each spawn, I would vote against that.

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  1. Rondelet's Avatar

    Interesting concept for BAP submissions. Although I would start a new blog for the next batch. I only say this as it may be easier down the road to file complete "start to finish" breeding runs to build a “BAP” library.

    On another note - is this the first spawn for this pair? Some history may be helpful for elucidating why the parents lost interest.
  2. mollyb's Avatar
    There is some work and time invested in this blog, and it is very disappointing to have it end like it did. Almost to the point of not bothering for the next spawn as they may 'short circuit' it again. I am comfortable with trying to build on this blog, and I actually think it will be more interesting as various problems are encountered and resolved, hopefully to a successful ending.
  3. TKD's Avatar
    Any news?