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  1. A clear view of the elephant

    Well there I was. It was a normal Saturday morning, me standing in Blue World with a coffee in one hand and a Timbit in the other(or two or three... Hey if I don't eat them Dan will!). The only difference this time, I was actually talking to people, yay for social development. Not quite sure how I got into it, but there I was explaining (or attempting to) how I designed/built my overflow. And all I got in return were perplexed looks, I knew that this was either due to me having a fantastic idea ...
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  2. RO DI OH NO!

    Well there i was.

    I have been looking at getting a reverse osmosis and de ionization system for a few months now, probably since around the same time I started displaying large amounts of water in my living room. However, like any Scott, I really didn't want to spend a dime on something to make already clear water, clearer. Of course, I had been doing a fair amount of research on the various 'brands', types, and configurations of these water wasting machines. Ultimately I came ...
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  3. Fish room by TKD

    Hi everyone,

    On June 11th 2012, I had the worst possible senario happen to me in that I had to do an emergency shudown of my tanks from 18 to 7 (see following link)

    So basicaly this blog will show the resurection of the fish/animal room.
    Everyone's fish room will be different so if any of this info helps others great!

    So this is what the room looked like before the flood:
  4. The new fish room

    I figured id post some pics up of the progress i make on the fish room.. i wont have any automated water changes or anything fancy.. but its the first time i got to put all my tanks in one room..

    im linking to my facebook group page.. HERE my page should be public.. but if its not let me know..

    its not complete or fully set up by any means.. but .. like all good things its going to take some time.. and i figured id try out the new blog section of the forum :)

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