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  1. My planted shrimp tank

    New to this forum. Just putting up one of my tanks for testing.

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  2. Eric's fish room

    So I have bin working on my fish room now for a year. Last month I said enough toying so I hunkered down to get it all up and running. My room consist of fresh and salt, fresh side is a 40g community planted tank and soon a planted 75g discus tank. My salt side is 2-90g and 2 - 55g 1 sump and 1 refugium all plumbed together .As I just got it all running I thought I would try and do a monthly up date to watch how it progress
  3. Fish room by TKD

    Hi everyone,

    On June 11th 2012, I had the worst possible senario happen to me in that I had to do an emergency shudown of my tanks from 18 to 7 (see following link)

    So basicaly this blog will show the resurection of the fish/animal room.
    Everyone's fish room will be different so if any of this info helps others great!

    So this is what the room looked like before the flood:
  4. Through the looking glass

    I have thought about starting this several times but each time I deemed the process didn't warrant it yet. Now I think it does fore some type of diary purpose. I probably will not do this again nor try to get away with it again. I have had fish rooms for over 30 years but was not totally happy with the results even though there were fleeting moments of inspiration and success. This time I have embarked on a project that I want to do correctly that others can learn with me in it's inception and ...
  5. BAP - discus

    Well, I think I will try to start an experiment for logging points to the BAP. This was inspired by Jesse Tattoo and his success with breeding clowns, and I think this format may create more content for our site, as well as be more able to stir interest among our membership for this part of the club.

    I have recently been successful with spawning discus (Symphysodon sp.) and I will call them S. aquefasciata, for the purposes of identification, although I think many of us realize these ...

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